Top 3 Reasons to Stop Shoulding on Yourself

Many of us are super aware of our short-comings and often beat ourselves up with the should's we don't measure up to. If you're one of those people always saying "I should..." like "I should be in grad school," "I should be able to afford a house by now," "I should be married by now..." this is for you. Basically, it can all be summed up in the belief that, "I'm not good enough, I should be better."

Self-awareness of your weaknesses is actually a healthy thing. But it is a totally different thing from beating yourself up about your weaknesses through constant “shoulding” or basing your self-worth on what others are doing. In this video, I lay out the top 3 reasons, according to research by Kristin Neff, to let go of the should's and practice more self-compassion. 


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