Quick & Easy Mood Boosters

I was quoted in this Reader's Digest article this week about quick, easy ways to boost your mood or add a little more self-care into your life. One of mine was wearing fuzzy, funky socks! Can you tell it was super cold and snowy in Atlanta when I was asked?

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Doing something kind for yourself - This is my go-to for improving mood or decreasing stress levels.  The very intention to give yourself what you need in a difficult moment changes the way you respond to your own stress and allows you to find what really works. While it may not always immediately boost your mood, being kind to yourself is scientifically proven to be more motivating and healthy than harshly critiquing yourself. 

Breath & movement - Another strategy for improving your mood is to engage our breath and body to create an energizing physiological response. This might be through easy exercise like a walk or short yoga sequence. Breath of Joy is a yogic breathing technique that can be provide an almost immediate energizing feeling throughout your body. 

What mood boosters work for you?