If you are like my clients, you're tired of sitting all day. You're at the office, in your car...another hour in an office just doesn't sound helpful. 

Instead of just sitting and talking about change, let's move forward - literally!

Many clients find it easier to talk and reflect on their life while walking, or it's simply more enjoyable than sitting in the office. 

Walk & Talk sessions are just like office sessions, except that we are outside enjoying the outdoors and the benefits of physical movement. There is tons of research extolling the benefits of physical movement, not just for your physical health but also for your brain and mental health. Different parts of the brain are accessed while walking, so it can help clients who have felt stuck with traditional therapy find new ways to think about their lives. You can read more about the benefits of walk and talk therapy here.


Q: Where do walk and talk therapy sessions happen?

A: My office is located very close to Grant Park. Typically we meet at my office or near the Grant Park Recreation Center, where you can use the restroom if needed, then head out for our walk. However, if you have a favorite park or neighborhood you'd prefer nearby, that is a possibility, too!

Q: What about bad weather?

A: We will discuss a back-up plan before scheduling our first session. The back-up plan can include using my office or having an online or phone session. If you prefer to walk outside, I am not bothered by light rain, but it will always be your choice!

Q: Is this a cardio workout?

A: No! This is a leisurely walk and you can set the pace. I am NOT a physical trainer and this is NOT an exercise plan. While we walk we stay focused on talking, but also reap the benefits of leisurely physical movement and being outside!

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: These sessions are the same as typical office sessions as far as length, scheduling, and cost.  The biggest difference is confidentiality. Since we are walking in public, I am unable to control what others can hear or who we see. Generally this is not a problem, as it is not obvious that I am your therapist. If this is a concern for you, we can discuss how to handle possible scenarios. If you ever feel uncomfortable with walking for any reason, we will employ our already agreed upon back-up plan!


If walking and talking sounds like your thing, give me a call at 678-813-2226 or request an appointment online now.